Is it worth to buy UV sterilizer bags ?

765 Published by admin Sep-22-2020

To keep us from virus, we would choose to wear masks, washing hand, maintain social distance. But when we go to the public, all our belongings may have risks of carrying virus back to home, like mobile phone which is kind of part of us today. How to stop mobiles/keys/umbrella/bracelets from virus? A UV sterilizer bag or backpack may help you a lot. 


UV light has a range of effectiveness, which interferes and destroys the nucleic acids of bacteria and other microbes. It is a good idea to put UV light in to a backpack or bag which is light and easy to take away.

Recently we have developed a UV sterilizer bag which could be attached to a backpack. The UV bag can really help when you go to public or stay at home. You could put keys, masks, mobile, glasses, makeup brushes or even water bottles. You know you don’t wash your bottle as often as you should.
A UV sterilizer bag could not only help you, but the people around you, your family or your colleagues and friends. They could also use it when it is available, as UV light would kill bacteria very quickly.

However, buying a UV sterilizer bag is not a conduit for treating, preventing virus, nor does it replace or relieve the need to wash hands and practice safe social distancing. It provides convenience for us to disinfect our belongings and remind us of keeping alert to do all kinds of disinfecting. Overall, it is a good product to buy.